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Welcome to PPMS's Counseling Department!

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The School Counseling Program and the School Counselors

The counseling program in our school is available to help students, parents and teachers develop positive learning experiences. The program consists of a variety of services and activities, including individual and group counseling, parent and teacher consultation, group guidance, referral assistance to other agencies in the community and student assessment.

The school counselors are responsible for developing, scheduling, and evaluating program services and are assisted by school staff and administrationl Primary services of the school counselors is to provide direct assistance to students in the school. For this reason, a major part of the counselors’ days consists of  responsive services that help students with their academic, personal and social development.

The counselors are nationaly certified professionals with training in human development, learning theory, counseling and consulting, tests and measurements, career development, educational and related research, and other areas appropriate to the practice of counseling in a school.